Are you a reseller who offers promotional products to companies for their promotional strategies or even directly to anyone else interested?

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• you can easily find contact data for different suppliers using predefined filters

  (Product Type, Product Categories, Supply Country, Supply Warehouse)

• you can quickly send a basic RFQ (request for quotation) to a supplier and get a fast response

Search for products

you can quickly find the right products, searching by free key words or other filters (MOQ, Price etc)

• for each product, you can find many details (prices, quantities, technical description, packaging, delivery, payment terms, supplier presentation etc)

• for an easy decision, you can automatically compare  different products features, and choose the optimal one

• once you found the right product, you can automatically send a detailed RFQ to the supplier to get a quick offer

• with the selected products you can quickly create a professional personalized presentation or product catalog to immediately send them to your customers

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