Do Promotional Products Still Have An Impact?

Generate Interest and Sales for your Brand

Whatever your reason, sometimes it’s hard to come up with ideas that will help you stand out from the competition. After all, promotional giveaways are hardly a new marketing tactic. Brands have been using giveaways for as long as marketing has existed, hoping to generate interest and sales for their products or services. Here are some important aspects to take care when you order your promotional products.

First – Make it professional – The design of your promotional giveaway needs to be professional and aligned with your brand. If people land on a standalone landing page that looks nothing like your website, the form is simple, your rules and terms are hard to find, or the design looks like a scene out of a scary movie, then you will immediately lose credibility.

You should host the giveaway on your own site – When contests and giveaways first hit the digital scene, a number of social media contest solutions entered the market. Most of these solutions were designed to operate like an “app” that hosted your contest on the social platform.

This way, the success of your giveaway is not reliant on another platform. You control your own destiny.

Creating Engagement – A common reason brands choose promotional giveaways over other forms of lead generation is because they naturally drive more engagement from participants. But you can’t just expect your giveaway will entice users to engage with it, you need to be creative. Remember, your prospects are being exposed to all sorts of noise and information when they are online.

Check this Top 10 Custom Logo Trade Show Giveaways for 2020

• Candy and Snacks with Your Logo.

• Reusable Custom Water Bottles & Drinkware.

• Custom Pop Sockets& Phone Wallets.

• Personalized Tote Bags.

• Custom Printed Bottle & Can Koozies.

• Custom Audio Devices.

• Company Branded Lip Balm.

• Custom T-Shirts and much more.

The best promotional giveaways are fun, so you should inject fun and gamification into your giveaway. This way, the success of your giveaway can be reliant on another platform. You control your own destiny.


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