Are you a producer or importer of promotional products that may be very attractive for the resellers from Romania? The market of these products is constantly increasing in Romania, because of the companies that integrate them in their promotion strategies, and also because of the increasing number of various events (public, private, corporate) or large-scale fests.

We acknowledge from our own experience that a large number of resellers of this kind of products are permanently searching for the newest and most remarkable kinds of products to offer to their clients. They are searching for the most appealing offers, for high-quality products or for the best quality/price ratio products, they are continuously searching for this and that…

These resellers are also constantly looking for reliable, trustful suppliers ( we also know this from our own experience ). They want suppliers available anytime they need them, in order to easily communicate with them for finding very quickly all the necessary information.

A reliable supplier, who is always visible and available, is very important for the reseller’s business growth.

It’s a win-win situation, but for this, first of all it is essential to be at the right place, being visible where resellers are searching for promotional products whenever they need them!

DON’T MISS THE OPPORTUNITY of being present here, where players from the promotional products industry are looking for business partners to grow their businesses together!

Main BENEFITS of the SUPPLIER account

→  continuous exposure, at minimum costs, to a large number of resellers
→ the possibility of rapid and detailed presentation of products, → promotions, and news
→ connection and rapid communication with those seeking deals
→ testing and entry into new markets

What is good to know from the very beginning!

This type of platform, dedicated 100% to companies operating in the promotional products industry, is NEW for Romania. It’s a new journey also for us, but we want to have you permanently involved for the right start together!

The platform is continuously developing, new features become available gradually. We’ll keep you up to date with all developments.

Although different suppliers are already visible on the platform, for now, they can be found only by searching by product types. For now, only general company contact details are available and actionable for resellers. Very soon the rest of the functionalities will be available to be accessed (detailed presentations of the products, promotions, news, etc.).

It’s very important to get registered NOW on the platform! Why?

→ by now, registration is FREE …
→ you can already be contacted by resellers for orders…
… and last but not least, because the first subscribers are those who can contribute most to the development of this platform, by making it more useful for them.


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